Wedding Blessings at Hengrave Hall

We have an excellent relationship with the local Hengrave Hall Wedding Venue, and would be delighted to take your service of blessing there!

Some questions answered:


What is included in the service?

Your affirmation of your vows, a Bible reading, the Lord’s Prayer, other prayers of your choice, hymns and of course the Blessing of the Bride and Bridegroom


Can the Bride be given away by her father or other friend or relative? Yes.  See below!!

May we choose our own hymns and music?

Yes. You may be given a list of suggested hymns. Hymns are not a compulsory part of the service.


May we include other items in the service?

Yes, you may include, for example, an extra reading, a poem, or a performance by a soloist.


How do we know what to include in our printed Order of Service?

You will be given a template to guide you.


May we have a photographer present and/or someone making a video?


Can we have a rehearsal?

Yes there will be a rehearsal.  Sometimes this is possible at Hengrave itself, but usually the rehearsal will take place at one of our local churches with the same layout as the Hengrave Chapel.  These are St Catherine's, Flempton (IP28 6EL) or St Martin's, Fornham St Martin (IP31 1SW).

Do we sign a register?

No – this is done at the civil ceremony. You may have a Certificate of your Blessing, signed by the Minister, the Bride and Bridegroom and two witnesses.


One or both of us have not been Baptized/Christened. May we still have a Church of England service?

Yes. Baptism or Christening is not a requirement for marriage in the Church of England.


My bride/bridegroom is a member of another religion and might be uncomfortable with some of the words in a Christian service.

This can be discussed and small changes can be made to make sure that everyone can be comfortable.

How much time does the service take?

The basic service (with three hymns) lasts for about half an hour, but it will be longer if you include additional items.


Who will conduct the service?

A Minister from the Lark Valley and North Bury Churches. (In accordance with the Canon Law of the Church of England only an Ordained Priest may pronounce a Blessing.) At least 3 months before your wedding the Minister will invite you to a meeting to discuss your service.


What are the fees?

The fee is based on those set by the Church of England every year. The fee for 2019 will be £235. This does not include payments to Hengrave Hall or for the Organist or Registrar. 

The Lark Valley and North Bury Churches can supply an Organist for a fee of £100


Whom should we contact for further details?

The Revd Sylvia A. Bareham 01284 724899

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