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Wedding Blessings at Hengrave Hall

We have an excellent relationship with the local Hengrave Hall Wedding Venue, and would be delighted to take your service of blessing there!

The popular wedding venue, Hengrave Hall, falls within one of the parishes of our benefice and we are happy to conduct a Church of England service of blessing for couples in the church of St John Lateran. Services of blessing will usually be taken by either Rev'd Ali or Revd Dr Andy Miller, though on occasion one of the other priests in our team.

Some couples wish to dedicate their marriage to God directly following the civil ceremony; for others, it may be some years later in which case a ‘Thanksgiving for Marriage’ takes place and vows are renewed. In either case, a blessing is pronounced on the marriage and it is a holy and meaningful occasion.

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The service may have the celebratory look and feel of a wedding complete with flowers, bridesmaids, best man, or indeed it can be as simple as is wished. In addition to special words, readings, and prayers which normally form part of the blessing service, it is possible to have hymns and other readings just as would happen at a wedding itself. In addition, the wedding rings are blessed, however if this is a ‘Thanksgiving for Marriage’ service then eternity rings may also be exchanged. The couple will need to arrange and pay for their own organist or musicians however the venue will give you a list of recommendations.

Please note that we are unable to perform weddings at Hengrave: a service of blessing has no legal status so in this instance banns do not need to be called and there is no marriage paperwork to be completed.

The fee for a service of blessing is £360 and this supports the work of the churches in the Lark Valley part of our benefice.

For further information contact Rev’d Ali Miller: 01284 728714 or email

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