West Stow with Wordwell

St Mary’s was the “mother” church before the Lark Valley Benefice was formed. It was almost derelict until the early 19th century but was lovingly restored by the Victorians and is well loved and has a friendly atmosphere.

West Stow is an active church: holding monthly lunches at the West Stow Social Club, hosting concerts and pulling everyone together in its regular 'West Stow Working Parties' keeping the churchyard and church cherished.  

St Mary's Family Service on the 1st Sunday of the month begins at 9.30am with a delicious breakfast, before moving into worship.

Up the B1106 towards Brandon is the charming little redundant church of All Saints, Wordwell, usually open, where two fascinating primitive stone carvings can be found and some beautiful wooden pews. The church is used up to 6 times a year when electricity is not a necessity!

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Funerals: Rev'd Miriam Webb  01284 704 593

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