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Clergy and laity work together to serve God in such areas as pastoral care, ministry in schools and among children and families, leading worship, administration and routine maintenance. 

Church Halls


St George’s is linked to the Anselm Centre, a community centre which the church uses on Sundays. It is run by the local residents’ association and the Community Minister attends their management meetings. 


All Saints’ is linked to its own church hall, which is used daily by a wide variety of church and community groups.


The former St John’s Infant School, now The Centre, stands next to the church. It is run by an ecumenical trust and managed by a Community Development Manager. The Centre includes Just Traid, a Fairtrade shop and community café, which is open five days a week.

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General Enquiries: Stefanie Inger 01284 700 400

Weddings:  Rev'd Jenny Vereker  01284 701 918

Baptisms: Rev'd Val Gagen  01284 361 963

Funerals: Rev'd Miriam Webb  01284 704 593

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