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St Mary's, Culford, in unlike any of the other village churches in the Team.  It is a parish church, but it is situated slightly to the side of the village, next to Culford Hall.


The church was used by the families who lived at Culford Hall almost as a private chapel.  Consequently it has many interesting memorials from the Bacon, Cornwallis and Cadogan families that are well worth a look.  It has two crypts for the burials of the Cornwallis and Cadogan families as well.  

Situated in the beautiful setting of Culford Park and the church is regularly used by Culford School.  Many former pupils return to get married here, in their parish church, and bring their children back too for their christenings.


St Mary's hosts many wonderful concerts through the year - make sure that you keep an eye out for them! 

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